Storm Damage Roof Repair

Storm damage is pretty common here in Georgia. Old roofs are more susceptible to problems, but even new roofs can be damaged during a strong storm. Hail, wind, debris, ice, tree limbs, and normal wear and tear all contribute to roofing problems making it essential for Snellville and Monroe homeowners to have a reliable roofing contractor.

a roof with hail damage and missing shingles

American Roof Specialists is made up of industry veterans. Our inspectors know exactly what to look for, and they can spot signs of damage that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Roof repairs really need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and costlier repairs. Whether you need minor services or complete roof replacement, we are here to ensure your home and your family are safe.

Damaged Shingles, Leaks & More

We have all experienced those strong Georgia thunderstorms. While most of the storms that produce tornadoes take place from March through May, we can experience severe weather any time of the year. When many people rush to cover their cars during a hailstorm, your roof is also at risk.

Hail can crack, bruise, dent and damage your shingles. Strong winds may even rip some shingles completely off your home. The longer you wait to have shingles replaced, the more likely you are to experience leaks and structural damage throughout your roof.

Snellville & Monroe Roof Repair Experts

Whether you think your roof needs to be repaired or just inspected, contact American Roof Specialists today. As Snellville and Monroe's roofing experts, we know what needs simple repairs and what needs complete replacement. While roof replacement may sound like a major headache for homeowners, our staff knows how to keep the entire project running smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. We work hard to keep your stress level to a minimum! We also work with your insurance company to ensure you are fairly represented and receive the maximum amount for your claim.

If you have storm damage or any other roofing concerns, schedule an appointment for a free estimate today!

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