Roofing Myths, Theories and the Like

As roofing and technology have become closer mates over the last decade or so, certain myths have been dispelled and some have been confirmed. There are theories that vary for different aspects of different types of roofs. Sometimes they’re accurate, other times not so much. So we’ve comprised this list to help you make you decision when getting a new roof or deciding whether to repair or replace.

All Asphalt Shingles are the Same.

While technology has allowed the laminated and fiberglass shingles to be scores better than they were just a few short years ago, this statement is FALSE. Different types of shingles are manufactured to correct or avoid certain problems. Problems like algae growth, which is prominent in the south, is solved by one shingle style that has mixed-in granules made of copper or zinc. When copper or zinc mixes with rainwater it naturally fights and kills algae. A lot of these shingles carry a 10 – 15 year anti-algae warranty. Another problem that some shingles experience is a tendency to be wind-blown. Certain architectural brands boast a wind rating of up to 130 miles per hour.

You Can Cover Existing Shingles With New Ones

Though there are certain sites that will tell you this is a good practice, we vehemently disagree. Mold, damaged or rotten wood may be underneath your old shingles, and covering it up with a new one isn’t going to solve any issues.

Gutters and Roofs Aren’t Related

Well, this one couldn’t be any further from the truth. They go hand in hand to protect your home from water invasion. The roof is the ultimate barrier to keep water out of your home, but the majority of that water goes directly into the gutters. So they work as a team. If the drip-edge isn’t affixed properly or the gutter seams are not airtight you could end up with serious roof, foundation and gutter problems.

Flashing Needs Only to be Replaced When a New Roof is Installed

Flashing, or the metal that diverts water from pipes, vents, and other leak prone areas including chimneys can really make or break the effectiveness of a roof. No matter how great your roof is, it’s only as good as the flashing. Flashing can last as long as a house or if installed improperly, can let the wood that makes up certain parts of your home start rotting almost immediately.

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