Roof Replacement Hamilton Mill

Your roof is one of the single most important elements of your home with regards to energy costs, safety, being dry and many other things. Replacing your roof isn’t a decision to be made lightly and can be extremely costly and if misinformed, can be a disaster.

At American Roof Specialists we choose only to replace roofs with Owens Corning Architectural shingles. If you’re seeking roof replacement in Hamilton Mill, Georgia or its surrounding areas, look no further than ARS. The professional inspection and installation teams are finely attuned to the ways of roofing and preventative steps needed to make sure your roof is secure.

Roof Replacement at No Cost

If you feel that you have roof damage such as hail hits or wind-blown shingles, let the pros at American Roof Specialists inspect your roof, at no charge, and diagnose the problem. Should your Hamilton Mill home have hail damage or wind-blown, cracked or damaged shingles, you have a couple options to get your roof replaced. You can pay out of pocket. Our guys will give you a very low, fair estimate to get your roof replaced should your insurance not cover it.

The other way, obviously, is to file an insurance claim. Once we inspect your roof, you’d call your insurance claims number and they’ll send out an adjuster. We’ll meet with the adjuster and go over the damage and then the adjuster (or your insurance company, as some adjusters are independent) will assess the situation and determine whether your roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced. If replacement is approved, we will then schedule your install and take care of all aspects of tear off and installation

From Beginning to End, We Do it All

Once it’s been decided and set in stone that your roof is being replaced, we first tear off all existing shingles, felt and any vents, plumbing stacks or turtle backs. Our crew then inspects the underlying wood for any damage and then installs ice and water shields in the valleys and typical leak-prone areas.

After that we cover all remaining areas with roofing felt and all leading edges with drip edge. The techs then start laying and installing the shingles to secure your home. The last piece installed is the ridge vent. Lastly, we take a ginormous magnetic roller and pick up all nails and debris from the worksite.

If you’re in the market for a new roof for your home or business American Roof Specialists have you covered. Give our staff a call today to set up an appointment.

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