Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

a professional roofer performing a roof inspection

In Spring and early summer there are a lot of storms that can threaten the integrity of your roof system. Many times, the damage can be something slight that that the average home owner can miss. A professional roof Inspector will have the experience and tools to complete a roof inspection. Also, a good roof inspector is going to take the time to perform the inspection the right way.

They Know What to Look For

The experience of the roof inspector will help them to know what to look for with leaks or damage. They will know how to find and mark the damage in the correct size square. They need to mark off a 10 ft. by 10 ft. square and then mark, with chalk or soap stone the areas inside the square where hail strikes or damage are. They would then calculate how many strikes or damaged areas with the location on the roof. They then will document the area by taking a picture with the notes and marks where damage was found.

They are going to look at the roof from all sides of the house taking special care to make sure that all the boots, and flashing are properly done. That nail heads or flashing has been sealed the right way. They pay close attention to valleys and the chimney area. They want to make sure that the roof is as sealed as it can be from the outside.

A professional roof inspector is also going to go inside the attic area and inspect the roof from the underside. They are going to look for the signs of any leaks, water damage, mold or insulation issues. They will be able to tell you if you have any rot or bad decking that will need to be replaced when the shingles are getting replaced.

Documentation & Reporting

The most important reason for hiring a professional roof inspector is that they understand how the documentation is going to need to be completed to get your damage repaired. Insurance companies want to understand all the damage and have it well documented and reported to move forward with a roof replacement.

The next time you think you may have roof damage from a storm be sure to hire a professional roof inspector that will take the time to conduct a proper inspection and document the information the right way. Having the knowledge of how claims will need proof and making sure that that is done properly.

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