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Damaged Roof


Regardless of what kind of damage your roof has, American Roof Specialists is your best option for roof replacement. Many times when a storm hits your area, your roof and shingles can be highly susceptible to costly damages.

High winds, hail, falling branches and flying debris can all be the culprits of damage that must be repaired in order to maintain proper protection for the interior of your home, especially if you have poorly made shingles like the Atlas Chalet Shingles, leaving you with no other (good) option than replacing your roof altogether.

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a contractor repairing a roof

New Roof


American Roof Specialists loves to work with new construction. With the housing market back on the rise, you will need a dependable roofing contractor to work with. If you are a builder, general contractor or a homeowner who needs quality roofing at a fair price, contact us today to get started.

We offer excellent rates and quality work that has contractors across Monroe, Snellville, and the surrounding area depending on our crews to get the job done right.

Call today to speak with one of our experts or set up an appointment for one of our top-notch specialists to come to you.

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new gutters on a house



You hardly notice the gutters on a house, but when they become old, dirty or damaged, they can cause several issues that go well beyond any cosmetic significance.

When gutters aren’t working the way they are intended to, water that is supposed to be drained away from your home via the gutter’s downspouts can gather near the foundations of the house and cause cracks, while seeping into the home and / or creating further damage to the surrounding areas.

Damage to the foundation of the home is a problem you never want to have. Ever.

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an insurance claim form



We work with your insurance company to make sure you get what you need to cover everything!

Dealing with a leaking and damaged roof is already stressful enough: Dealing with the insurance company is an added stress you really don’t want to take on yourself! Typically speaking, the insurance companies are not ‘on your side’ and many times try to find ways to deny your damage claim.

You thought you were “in good hands” but then they can make it difficult to file your roofing insurance claim, storm damage insurance claim, or hail damage insurance claim. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible to fix the damage.

Located in Monroe, GA, we are the go-to roofing company for Snellville and the surrounding area. Whether you need new construction, gutters, roof repair services or attic insulation, we have you covered!