Gutter Repair Services

Many new homeowners don’t understand the importance of gutters. Everybody knows they collect rain, but do you know why they are so necessary? Without gutters, rain will build up causing an array of problems including flooding and mold. If your damaged gutters need to be fixed or replaced, you do not want procrastinate. You need the gutter repair and installation experts at American Roof Specialists.

gutters on a brick home

Gutter Inspections

Any time a gutter shows signs of potential damage, it is important to let a professional contractor inspect them. Inspections are also a good idea for homes that are ten years or older. Gutters that have been improperly installed can be holding water, and some of that water can travel through gutter screws or nails into fascia boards or worse, into your foundation. Unfortunately, there are still millions of homes with gutters that are not sloped properly, are not seamless, and don’t have the right number of downspouts to be effective.

Granule Loss and Buildup

Homeowners who have noticed granules around their downspouts or actually coagulating in their gutters should have them inspected as soon as possible. The shingles on your roof could either be old or defective and shedding these granules on a regular basis. Because they would never dry out, gutters with an inch or two of granules could add literally thousands of pounds to the gutters. This causes an exorbitant amount of stress on the gutters, nails, and fascia boards.

a gutter filled with snow

Storm and Ice Damage

When Mother Nature strikes, she can loosen even the most steadfast of gutters with winds, rain, ice and flying debris. An accumulation of rain or ice can casue gutters to become dislodged, uneven or completely separated from the house. It is imperative that they get the attention they require immediately after damage.

Repair & Replacement

With a team of experienced roofers, we can assist you in choosing the perfect gutters for your house. Whether you need K-style, half-round, aluminum, steel or any other type of gutter, we will make sure your equipment is properly installed.


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