Different Types of Roofs

There are many different types of roofs, each having their own aesthetic appeal. The type of roof your home has will greatly affect its looks and functionality. Below is a list of roof types you’re likely to come across.

different types of roofs

  • Gable Roofs: Gable roofs are what many people think of when they imagine a roof. It’s the classic upside down V. Gable roofs are not good choices for hurricane regions, as strong winds have the potential to peel it right off.

  • Flat Roofs: This is one of the simplest roof types and is especially common with commercial buildings.

  • Hip Roofs: Also a popular residential roof type, hip roofs are more difficult to construct because of their truss and rafter structure. It has four sloping sides with no vertical roof walls. Hip roofs can be either square or rectangular.

  • Gambrel Roofs: Gambrel roofs are what’s most commonly used to build barns. However, they can work for houses as well. The biggest benefit of a gambrel roof is the amount of attic space it creates.

  • Shed Roof: A shed roof is essentially a flat roof but with more pitch. It’s frequently used when building additions on homes and small storage sheds.

  • Mansard Roof: The top of a mansard roof is similar to a gambrel, however, unlike a gambrel, it covers all sides if the house. The top of a mansard can also be flat.

  • A-Frame Roof: A-frames have the same upside down V of a gable but are much taller and have a higher pitch. They usually go all the way down the house and act as the structure’s walls.
  • The kind of roof you decide to go with will determine the kind of roofing material you can use to cover it. When it comes to selecting a roof, make sure you take attic space, drainage options, weather durability, construction, and design into account.

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