Common Roofing Questions (and Answers)

Chances are your roof is new, perfectly fine and your home is good for another 20 or 30 years. But there is a chance that your roof is old, has missing, defective or damaged shingles or may need to be replaced. Below we will outline normal inquiries about new roofs, repairs and complete replacement.

black shingles covering a roof

I have granules in my gutters. Do I need a new roof?

Having granules from shingles in your gutters is a completely normal occurrence, to a certain point. A few granules from your shingles is normal. With the massive amount of granules it takes to make just one shingle, let alone enough to cover a roof, there is bound to be some that are loose or can be brushed away. This shouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of the shingles or your roof. However, if you notice granules coagulating in your gutters, or an abundance of them just outside of your downspouts you may have a serious problem. This problem is called delamination. Sever delamination occurs when your shingles are old, windblown or cracked due to weather or defects. Should this be the case with your home, get your roof inspected immediately.

How does a homeowner know there’s a roofing issue?

Unfortunately, problems such as leaks and water stains are the first signs that you have serious issues with your roof. Having your roof inspected once or twice a year will allow the inspector to find any damaged, missing or warped shingles before it’s too late. Cracked and stained drywall, peeling wallpaper or discolored panels may signify that you have a leak.

What is my recourse as a homeowner?

a roof damaged by a stormYou basically have two main avenues to a secure roof. You can get your roof repaired or completely replaced. Your technician will let you know if your home is a candidate for repair or if replacement is necessary. Some homeowners have a defective shingle type on their homes called Atlas Chalet. Chalet shingles are manufactured to look like architectural shingles, but are a cheaper, 3 tab version that suffers heavy granule loss and are susceptible to extreme damage from winds. These types of roofs can be replaced-often with zero out of pocket expenses-because they are covered by homeowners insurance. Most homes with Chalet get new architectural shingles to replace the old defective ones. Though your home may not fall under this category, you may still be eligible for a new roof.

Can’t I just fix my roof myself?

There are a plethora of fixes you can learn how to do on YouTube or by watching DIY shows on TV. However, two of these items you should never do yourself are repairing your roof or messing with electricity. There is serious risk involved with roofing and proper training is required. We recommend always calling roofing professionals for any issues you may have with your roof.

If your roof is suspect, or you know without a doubt that it needs repair, or even replacement, call a roof specialist at once. A roof problem left unchecked could be the beginning of a long and winding road to repair, replacement or restoration. Your roof is the main thing protecting your home from damaging elements like rain, sun, wind and ice. Paired with proper insulation your roof can save you literally thousands over the life of your home.

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