Commercial Roofing

Navigating the waters of commercial roofing is never a fun task. Luckily, the experts at American Roof Specialists are here to make the application of commercial and new construction roofing a breeze. With a combined 60 years of field experience, American Roof Specialists has the know-how and familiarity with commercial roofing to get your job done and get it done seamlessly. Seamlessly is not only used in the figurative sense, but the TPO roofs we install are virtually seamless, allowing for zero leakage.

You’ve probably heard of American Roof Specialists for residential homes and apartment complexes, but the truth is, that barely scratches the surface of what we do. At ARS, we value the interactions with all our clients and the prospective clients that we come in contact with. Our goal is to not only build your roof, but build a lasting, two-way relationship with all our clients.

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Reliable Roofing for Your Business

We understand that you need a quality roof built at an acceptable price, in a reasonable timeframe. For that reason, we promise to use the highest quality materials manufactured to the highest standards in the commercial roofing industry. Again, we know your time is valuable and production sometimes hinders on whether the roof has been done or not. Our expeditious roofing process will alleviate the headache of waiting to plan other facets of the build-out.

Contact the team that cares at American Roof Specialists via our short contact form or by calling our office at 770.888.5965. If no one answers, they’ll get back to you very quickly. At American Roof Specialists, we are a preferred contractor of Owens Corning roofing products and we have access many more brands.

Reliable Roofing for Your Business