Chalet Shingles and How They Might Affect You

atles chatlet shingles missing from a roofRecently, the coverage of the Atlas Brand’s, Chalet shingles has been enough to make appearances constantly on newscasts, billboards, and email campaigns. The alleged defects in are claimed to have come from a few of the country’s leading shingle manufacturers, with Atlas being in the forefront. Despite the claims and class action lawsuit, Atlas is still making the world’s best shingles and even has a program in place to help with new shingles for those affected.

What is Significant About Chalet Shingles?

Literally thousands of homeowners and roofing specialists claim the products are defective and don’t perform as advertised. Well, they’re right. Referencing the class action suit brought against Atlas, the Chalet line is prone to delamination, or excessive loss of granules, which can lead to water penetration and premature cracking, blistering and wind susceptibility.

There are reports that Atlas roofs have had defects as early as one year after being installed. Though the company stopped making the Chalet line in 2010, there are close to a million homes in Georgia that have Atlas Chalet shingles. The manufacturer’s warranty on Chalet shingles is 30 years against defects.

A Deceptive Design

The problem lies in the fact that Chalet shingles (and its counterparts) are 3 tab shingles that are essentially disguised to appear as the more durable 4 tab, architectural shingles. The manufacturers decided to basically glue extra granules onto the 3 tabs to make them look like the more expensive architectural shingles.

Initially Atlas, and other manufacturers who had made this specific type of shingle denied that there were any problems, but after so many claims and the class action suit, they've starting honoring warranties, and homeowners are filing more and more claims with their insurance companies to get new roofs. The reason a complete new roof is covered is because to replace only the currently defective shingles would be impossible, as there is nothing produced today that could match the existing shingles.

How Can This Affect My Home?

In the Southeast, the Chalet shingles were extremely popular due to their classic look at a lower, 3-tab price. Unfortunately for Atlas and their competitors, the beauty of the shingles quickly faded and turned into somewhat of a bad scenario. Between their reputation taking a possible hit and loads of costs to recoup the losses, the roofing companies were facing certain obstacles. Luckily, the brands of Atlas, Owens Corning, and Certainteed have fantastic product lines and have made good on their products and the warranties that accompany them.

What Does This Mean for Me?

However, these reports have many homeowners worried about how to make sure their homes are not affected, and if they are, how to proceed. If you’re wondering if your roofing system is defective or you have leaks, it’s best to get it inspected as soon as possible. The longer you wait to address the potential problem, the worse the experience might be.

The roofing experts at American Roof Specialists will be happy to inspect your roof at no cost to you. Give them a call today to make sure you stay covered and dry.

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