Do You Have Atlas Chalet Shingles?

The Atlas Chalet shingle was created to look like a higher end architectural design in a standard three-tab shingle.

By laminating an extra piece on the top of each shingle tab it was intended to look like a more expensive architectural grade product, though it is not.

Homeowners may not be able to identify an Atlas Chalet roof. Contact us today and we can come inspect yolur roof for you OR possibly even have a photo sent to us so we can identify your shingle. If you do indeed have the faulty Atlas shingles we can schedule an inspection right away to see if you have any applicaable roof damage. If so we are able to get most Atlas roofs replaced through your insurance company.

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Problems with the Atlas Chalet

atlas chalet shingle replacement

After only a couple years in production the major defects of the shingle became apparent. The top, laminated portion of the shingle began to blister and corrode, which quickly caused detrimental amounts of granule loss.

You may notice the evidence of this by the amount of granule buildup in your gutters. This shingle is completely defective and there are other problems as well.

How can American Roofing Specialists Help?

Atlas Chalet Shingle Replacement

Regrettably, it is virtually impossible for homeowners to have their roof replaced by the manufacturer, Atlas or any kind of class-action lawsuit.

However - THERE IS HOPE!

American Roof Specialists has a team of insurance claim experts. We can help you receive the Atlas Chalet replacement you need for a safe roof and home. If your roof sustains ANY damage, you may be eligible to have your roof replaced by your insurance company!

How can American Roofing Specialists Help?

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Even if ONE shingle is damaged, this would most likely qualify you for a new roof. If your roof has been in the path of even a minor storm, it is CRITICAL that you take advantage of this opportunity to replace this terrible shingle and get your roof fixed. You may not have another opportunity to receive the Atlas Chalet shingle replacement your home needs.

Homeowners need to act now. Atlas may never have to pay for these shingles. If you don’t take advantage of this, the only other way you may get your roof replaced in the future is by spending your own hard earned money. Even insurance companies are starting to tighten up on this, so they may not be paying to replace them in the near future. Now is your chance to take advantage of this opportunity!